Dear Vogue, I’m falling behind!

About twice a year my world spins madly out of control like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz.  But, instead of landing in a far away city with a yellow brick road and scoring a wicked (no pun intended) pair of sparkly ruby red heels, I end up in fashion mayhem as I must transition between seasons.

Don’t get me wrong, I crave this overwhelming, life consuming, self inflicted, on the point of getting nauseous feeling-it’s just for some reason I’m always caught off guard.  I’m blaming it on Vancouver’s misfortune of not having four full seasons.

This fall, like all the others, is my most beloved season of the year.  And this fall, the fashion industry served up a smorgasbord of trends to feed our wardrobe. We have Baroque, Leather, Goth, Jewel Tones, Animal Prints, Prints from the Far East, and the figure forgiving Peplum!!!!

Overwhelming is an understatement.  I mean its hard enough to choose between- hmm should I stick to basic black or inject some colour, but then we have bold silhouettes and lengths and fabrics and embellishments and prints.  No wonder a girl needs a stiff vodka soda after a day of shopping- we need therapy from retail therapy!

This season,  I am being so seductively lured in by leather and devoured by oversized exaggerated animal prints.  Not only do these two trends provide a powerful presence when worn together, they also work so well with all the other strongly visible trends this season.

Baroque and leather provide such grandeur and richness.  

A solid toned Peplum blouse paired with animal printed denim can both be Friday night on the town or Sunday brunch with the girls. 

And the most obvious are Leather and Goth, I mean they are pretty much synonymous.

So my dear fashion fiends and fashion fearfuls, yes New York Fashion Week has already showcased the 2013 Spring/Summer collections, but fret not if you’re just getting a handle on fall, we in Vancouver still have a good 6 months to show off our new fall wardrobe!

Need some inspiration?!?!?

Check out this faux leather Candace skirt from Club Monaco.  The scalloped hem adds an ever so slight feminine feel to this skirt. I’m in love!

Pair it with this understated jewel toned, animal printed blouse.

Opaque tights and knee high flat boots make this outfit on trend but effortless.  Wanna rock it out?  Switch up the knee high boots for heeled ankle booties!

For a full recap of 2012 fall fashion trends check out:


Good Night!

Tarte Vixen