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Lips, Brows, Eyes- Oh My!

  Lucky for all of us whom are sulking at the dismal condition of our wallets (no longer in holiday euphoria) spring makeup trends for 2013 will keep our pocket books in check- ahhh sigh of relief! Fall trends are trickling into the new year saving us endless hours and money at the cosmetics counters. […]

Dear Vogue, I’m falling behind!

About twice a year my world spins madly out of control like Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz.  But, instead of landing in a far away city with a yellow brick road and scoring a wicked (no pun intended) pair of sparkly ruby red heels, I end up in fashion mayhem as I must transition […]

Welcome to the new Tarte Vixen website!

Welcome to the new website – hope you like it. I’ll keep you updated with my newest projects, as well as provide tips and tricks of the trade – to help you look your best. Stay beautiful, xx. Nav